For E-Rate eligible WAN & WiFi solutions, visit MapleNet's subsidiary MNW Telecom.

A national leader in wireless WAN's for schools:

MapleNet Wireless has deployed wireless wide area networks for school districts throughout North America and the Caribbean. 

As a turn-key contractor, MapleNet offers:

  1. RFP development and support
  2. Tower zoning, approvals and construction
  3. Microwave system engineering, installation and support
  4. Funding vehicles such as e-Rate and traditional leases

Wireless is a reliable and affordable alternative to leased lines and fiber build-outs. The deployment time frame for a wireless system can be as little as several weeks.

Frequently asked questions about wireless:

Maplenet has deployed Wireless Networks for schools across the world, including the U.S Virgin Islands.


MapleNet builds wireless WAN’s for schools using the same carrier-grade equipment used by cellular companies, utilities and the U.S. government. 

Wireless solutions have become a viable alternative to fiber and leased lines. Services such as video-conferencing, distance learning, hosted applications, SAN, VOIP and remote management continually increase the bandwidth required on the WAN's. Wireless provides reliable and scalable bandwidth to meet current and future needs. 

Wireless solutions also have a much shorter deployment time frame than leased lines and fiber builds. With wireless, schools can avoid right-of-way issues, pole attachment agreements, dealing with multiple providers and big corporation hassles. 

MapleNet is an active member of numerous educational technology organizations and regularly participates in trade shows and seminars in Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. 
Visit the MapleNet Gallery to view some of our recent K-12 and higher education installations.

If your school already has a wireless system in place, MapleNet offers a variety of service retainers, pre-paid emergency services and equipment sparing options.

Contact Mike Hutter at  574-320-2908 for more information.    

MapleNet offers 50Mbps to Gigabit solutions from:

  • Motorola
  • Ceragon
  • Siklu
  • Cambium