Enterprise-grade Wireless Solutions from MapleNet

MapleNet’s solutions are perfectly suited for the ever-growing bandwidth needs of today’s enterprise customer. Privately owned wide area networks pay for themselves quickly by reducing leased line costs- both data and voice.

FCC Licensed Options

Where availability is the highest priority, and where interferences is an issue, MapleNet can supply FCC licensed solutions that protect your link and deliver throughput from 45Mbps to OC-3.

99.999% Availability (Five Nines)

Contact MapleNet to learn what Five 9’s really should mean. To us, it’s more than a buzz word.

Voice & Video Conferencing Services

High capacity WWAN's can replace and even improve existing wire-based infrastructure. In addition to saving leased line costs, wireless makes additional bandwidth available to offer enhanced services. Both VOIP and switched voice options are available.

WAN Survey & Engineering Services

MapleNet provides comprehensive survey and engineering services to insure that links are delivered with the throughput and availability required.

MapleNet offers 50Mbps to Gigabit solutions from:

Wireless LAN Engineering & Implementation

With Motorola's recent acquisition of Symbol, MapleNet now has access to an enterprise-class product line with a total cost of ownership FAR below that of a Cisco solution.