Metro Area Networks (MAN)

A high capacity wireless IP network allows municipalities to:

1. Implement a SAN across all facilities 
2. Share GIS data to remote locations 
3. Hold video arraignments 
4. Remotely back-up all data 
5. Be prepared for disaster recovery scenarios 
6. Implement multi-jurisdictional collaboration and information sharing

4.9Ghz Connectivity 

The 4.9Ghz public safety band affords secure, affordable and reliable building-to-building connectivity for county and municipal government agencies. MapleNet can assist government groups with the licensing and management of 4.9Ghz connections.

Video Security

MapleNet can create secure IP video systems for remotely monitoring assets such as water facilities, parks and public spaces.  These cameras are fully controllable from a call center or security office and network video recorders (NVR's) can archive data for a year and more.