Comtrain Instructor Re-certification

by Steve C | Jan 17, 2017

Pat McCauley, MapleNet’s VP of Operations, recently completed Comtrain’s Tower Safety & Rescue Instructor re-certification course.   The two-day course, held at Comtrain’s facility in Cartersville, GA, mixed intensive classroom and on-the-tower instruction on the most current standards for tower safety.    The course covered best practices, equipment and procedure evaluation and a round table discussion about industry issues. 

Pat’s re-certification provides him with the most up-to-date safety training standards for leading MapleNet’s safety training efforts.    MapleNet embraces, on a daily basis, a “culture of safety” insuring that all field staff are equipped with the best equipment and practices.  In addition, all crew members are empowered to constantly make safety-conscious decisions- both on a tower site, mobilizing to/from a site and even working in the warehouse.    

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