The #1 Wireless Backhaul Specialist

As the world’s leading wireless backhaul specialist, Ceragon Networks ensures that operators have the transmission capacity to reliably deliver the voice and premium data services that we all rely on. MapleNet has relied on Ceragon solutions for nearly 10 years.

A Culture of Innovation

Ceragon’s commitment to R&D has allowed the company to develop generation after generation of innovative solutions for customers.

Future-ready, proven technology

MapleNet has deployed well over 500 Ceragon links throughout North America and the Caribbean. MapleNet’s customers have come to rely on Ceragon’s unmatched technology and cost innovation, and advanced point-to-point microwave systems that allow them to evolve their networks from circuit-switched and hybrid concepts to all-IP networks. Ceragon solutions are designed to support all wireless access technologies, delivering more capacity over longer distances under any given deployment scenario. 


FibeAir IP-20C

Multi-Core, Software-Defined Radio Technology Delivering Multi-Gbps Anywhere
IP-20C sets a new standard in microwave transmission combining multi-core radio technology, 2048 QAM modulation and line-of-sight 4x4 MIMO in a compact, green, all-outdoor design. It enables operators to reach capacities that quadruple those of existing solutions.

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FibeAir IP-20G

FibeAir IP-20G is the hybrid, split-mount hauling solution for edge and ring nodes that require high capacity. It boosts performance in today’s networks while providing a cost-effective path to future network requirements. The solution offers full support for legacy TDM as well as a rich set of advanced Carrier Ethernet services providing a wide range of new capabilities that address the diverse and evolving needs of mobile backhaul, ISPs, utilities, government and private networks.

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FibeAir IP-20S

High capacity, compact and low power consuming FibeAir IP-20S is the ideal solution for efficient and cost-effective all-outdoor backhaul operation. Simple to install and maintain, it is the cost-effective, reliable solution for the hauling of outdoor edge nodes.

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FibeAir IP-20A

FibeAir IP-20A is an ultra-high capacity, modular aggregation node for any radio technology. It is designed around a high-performance, software-defined engine and is powered by Ceragon’s CeraOS, a unified operating system for all IP-20 platform products. Employing Ceragon’s proven radio technology, FibeAir IP-20A provides multi-gigabit capacity across the entire network with high spectral efficiency. Serving a wide range of topologies and network architecture, it is ideal for emerging network concepts such as HetNets, small cells, and Cloud-RAN. It meets demand for high capacity, reliability and quality of experience crucial to the success of LTE/LTE-A rollouts.

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MapleNet carries a wide variety of powerful Ceragon Solutions for : 
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  • Utilities
  • Enterprise
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