Services Provided:

MN Monitor will provide 24/7 monitoring of all active and working links on your network.  Each device will be monitored for Signal Level, Radio Errors, Ethernet Statistics and Errors, Interface Usage, as well as external alarms if the network is so equipped.  MN Monitor will then have the ability to deliver monthly, weekly or daily graphs of the statistics.  Any active alarms on equipment that can be delivered through the ability of SNMP traps, which can also be logged on a monthly, weekly or daily level.  Alerting is designed to alert MN Wireless of an outage if the device has been unreachable for 5 minutes.  MN Monitoring can then take the alert and deliver it, as needed,  to the customer.  If direct email alerts are desired that can be configured based on your remote monitoring plan. Thresholds can be set for desired signal levels, error levels, or usage statistics.   These thresholds can be based on the customer needs and delivered digitally when the threshold is met.  A remote monitoring webpage is also available to the customer with their own proprietary login. This will give the customer a heads up display on the network performance and potential outages.

Customer Requirements

For remote monitoring the customer must provide a dedicated machine for remote monitoring.  In a basic remote monitoring setup, the customer only needs to provide a PC and we will configure basic remote access, using  This setup will only provide basic monitoring, which included Outage monitoring and basic error level monitoring.  A remote webpage is only available to show basic outages, and MN Monitoring can only deliver the status of device, and cannot deliver error statistics, or thereshold loss.


Mission Statement:

MapleNet Wireless will set the standard for Excellence and Integrity in the Wireless Connectivity Industry. This will be accomplished through constant Communication, a focus on Safety, internal Organization, and being constantly Adaptable to our environment and the situation- all borne out of an intensity and desire to bring the best value to our clients.

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