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Three decades of serving our customers

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, the MapleNet Wireless crews travel throughout the country building towers, deploying microwave backbones and engineering turn-key wireless IP services. MapleNet blends expertise in RF, TCP/IP and construction to offer clients a comprehensive suite of services. The company’s client list includes utilities, education, healthcare, municipal and enterprise customers.

While some companies may list wireless as a service they “also offer,” MapleNet is solely focused on RF Engineering, WLAN, Wireless PTP and tower construction.    If a company has wireless as one of the last bullet points at the bottom of their services list, then that should provide some indication of their commitment to wireless solutions.  MapleNet’s staff is trained and certified on numerous wireless platforms.  All of staff are Comtrain certified for tower safety and rescue, and a fleet of service vehicles provides 24x7 response capabilities.

The single source for wireless connectivity solutions

MapleNet’s primary focus is on the engineering and deployment of high capacity microwave wide area networks. These networks serve as a replacement for, or back-up to, traditional fiber and leased line connectivity. MapleNet’s wireless solutions are truly carrier-grade and deliver performance and availability equivalent to (and often exceeding) wire line solutions. Deployment timeframes for wireless are significantly less than a fiber build-out, and the return on investment for wireless versus leased services of equal throughput can be a matter of months.

MapleNet Wireless is a proud member of the Surf Air Wireless family of companies.  More information about Surf Air Wireless can be found on their website.  www.surfairwireless.com


  • 720 mile private microwave network.
  • 48 site microwave WAN for US Virgin Islands Department of Education.
  • Microwave backhaul network for Tennessee Department of Transportation
  • 30 mile & 40 mile 900Mhz links for utility customer in Pennsylvania
  • Microwave backhaul network for Michigan Department of Transportation
  • 42 site microwave WAN design and construction management for Paradise Valley Schools in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
  • 10Gbps microwave link for data center to data center replication connection for customer in Indiana
  • Fully managed microwave WAN for 3 hospitals and 12 support facilities for midwest healthcare group
  • Turn-key microwave backbone, substation connectivity, tower construction and remote support for numerous utility customers throughout the U.S.

Our Team

MapleNet Wireless knows that when our customers look for a “response” guarantee what they really want is a return-to-service guarantee.  

Mike Daly : Field Foreman
Steve Graves :  Field Tech

Phil Cox : Field Foreman
Jordan Cloud :  Field Tech

Jason Hayen : Field Tech
Joe Charles :  Field Foreman

Jason Estep
NOC Manager
Network Admin


John Blount
VP of Enterprise Mobility


Chad Weaver
Project Coordinator


Mike Honderich
Special Projects Coordinator


Kristine McCauley
Administrative Assistant

Steve Carender
VP of Sales

Mike Hutter
National Sales


Pat McCauley
VP of Operations

Jason Lehman


Marie Hunter


Ryan Coates
VP of Business Development

Gene Crusie


Greg Armstrong


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