An Elkhart-area school district had outgrown is existing 1 Gbps wide area network connectivity between their schools. MapleNet’s E-rate subsidiary, MNW Telecom, constructed a completely new 10 Gbps fiber network infrastructure between the schools- for a nominal monthly increase in costs for the five (5) year contract.  At the end of the initial five year term, the district’s monthly cost will most likely drop by 50-70% range per month. If the district had elected to upgrade to 10Gbps using their existing provider’s network, the monthly fee would have been more than double.

An added bonus for the school district is that its 10Gbps network is now connected to the Elkhart County Fiber Network, which already is interconnected to two area school systems.  All the school systems can now more easily share resources and collaborate more easily for distance learning.

An even further bonus is that area first responders- who are on the Elkhart County Fiber Network- are interested in interconnecting with the three school districts to tie into their video security systems for more immediate access and monitoring for emergencies.

The MapleNet solutions-focused approach

This example is indicative of MapleNet’s approach to connectivity solutions.   We pride ourselves in finding the highest value solution with long term benefits.   Elkhart County is our home, so we don’t look at our clients’ needs in isolation from other initiatives.  By seeing the whole picture, we provide our customers with both a solution and an opportunity.

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