Steve Carender, MapleNet’s Vice President of Sales, will be presenting a paper at the upcoming AISTech2014 conference in Indianapolis. The paper, “High-Availability Wireless Networks for Industrial Applications,” will touch upon a number of the challenges for deploying wireless in steel production facilities. Steve will be joined by co-presenters Mariano Zecchi and Edgardo La Bruna of Janus Automation LLC


The AISTech Conference and Exposition is a global iron and steel technology event that is being hosted in Indianapolis from May 5 to May 8.


Wireless broadband in large campus environments can enhance automation, empower mobile workers and improve security. Proper planning and engineering are essential for any mission critical wireless system. Without proper planning, a wireless system can be mis-matched to the application environment and workflows. Without proper engineering, a wireless system’s reliability and performance can be less than robust. If a system is not aligned with operational realities, and if it is not robust and truly industrial

In steel production facilities, deploying wireless is NOT a matter of placing enterprise grade access points inside enclosures and then hanging those at intervals.  Rather, large scale wireless deployments require hardened access points with high power radios, high gain outdoor rated antennas, industrial grade DC and POE power and layers of redundancy for both coverage and backhaul.

Presentation Summary:
High-Availability Wireless Networks for Industrial Applications

Steve Carender, MapleNet Wireless; Mariano Zecchi, Janus Automation LLC; Edgardo La Bruna, Janus Automation LLC

The increasing demand for on-line information, mobility and reduction of paperwork is pushing companies in the iron and steel sector to implement wireless networks as well. The correct implementation of a wireless network in a heavy industrial environment presents several challenges. This paper presents key aspects to take into account for the correct design, implementation and commissioning of reliable wireless networks.

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