Annual inspections are an often overlooked, but necessary, action item to insure the safe and reliable operation of any wireless system.

This winter’s temperature extremes and high winds take their toll on antennas, transmitters, line and connection points. In addition, tower components such as guy wires, mounts and lights are also impacted.

As things warm up (which we HOPE they do soon) there is an increased chance for water infiltration at connection points, and there are additional issues that can come from wind.

MapleNet offers a critical inspection package that starts at just $465 per tower site plus travel.   Contact MapleNet’s sales team to discuss your needs and our sales team can put together a custom package for one, or multiple, tower sites.

MapleNet will inspect your tower and wireless components to insure optimal performance and safety.   All inspection and maintenance will be documented and sent to you upon completion.   We will notify you IMMEDIATELY if there are any urgent safety issues that need addressed.  If possible, we will remedy them while on site.

While onsite, MapleNet technicians will conduct the following inspections and general maintenance for the tower site:

  1. Insure that tower area is free of fallen fasteners or other equipment
  2. Inspect all section bolts for tightness
  3. Inspect all mounting hardware for tightness
  4. Inspect all cable hangers and replace any missing, frayed or damaged ties
  5. Confirm tower plumb
  6. If applicable, inspect that all lights are working properly
  7. Remove/clean any bird/animal nesting areas
  8. Confirm that all ground wires are connected properly
  9. Confirm the integrity of all connection points and weather seals
  10. Confirm ground wires are attached to base
  11. Test resistivity of ground system, where available
  12. Inventory all cable runs and identify “orphaned” runs for possible removal
  13. Piers and grout are in proper condition
  14. Inspect coatings of all galvanized components and cold galvanize any rusted or exposed areas.  Note any excessive rust areas in inspection report.
  15. For guyed towers, use tension meter to insure that each level is at proper tension.   Retension as needed.
  16. Photograph all antenna and radio components on the tower and include with inspection report to customer.
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